What’s The Big Deal About WordPress?

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It’s hard to have a conversation about website design in 2016 without inevitably talking about WordPress. Some quick stats for you:

  • WordPress currently runs 4.5% of the entire internet
  • There have been over 2.5 billion posts created on WordPress
  • 50,000 WordPress websites are created daily
  • 25% of all new websites being created are being built on the WordPress platform

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How to Break Through a Creative Block

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It’s easy to assume that creative blocks really only affect those in visual fields like graphic design, UX/UI, or motion graphics. However, a creative block can negatively impact the workflow of various other professionals in a multitude of fields. Content writers, SEO strategists, PPC specialists, and marketing directors all need to use out-of-the-box thinking to devise strategies that keep their clients happy. For many working professionals, creativity is the lifeblood of our careers. Read More

What Exactly is Flat Design 2.0?

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Flat Design (also known as Minimalism) is a web design/UX trend that’s been going strong for the past couple of years. In 2016, there’s a notable evolution of Flat Design that’s currently being dubbed Flat Design 2.0. It’s a great trend that leads to some enticing visuals and a great user experience – when done correctly that is.

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Conducting a Front-End Website Audit

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For any business owner, there inevitably comes a point in time where you begin to question the performance of different facets of your website. Doubts can be brought by any number of happenings. Maybe you’ve noticed a drop in your website conversions. Perhaps your site seems too cumbersome to keep updated in an efficient manner. Worse yet, maybe you’ve gotten some negative feedback from a client or customer. Read More